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The decline of Yahoo and what was considered the greatest emailing system

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Here we go back to some old times, the times when I discovered the Internet, I am talking about 2006 oh what good times those were…if only we knew what would come. Yahoo and it’s emailing service have been quite good competitors with Gmail and Hotmail at the time which even to this day is holding on to the industry but, only with two fingers that are out of grip.

If you ask the youth of today about Yahoo they will probably respond with “Yawhoo?”, this is because it is not in the mainstream anymore and it is overshadowed (just like most other emailing services) by Google.

However, this is not the only thing that is leading to the decline of Yahoo, but many other factors that we shall take a look at in this article.

Yahoo mail

The main problem with the emailing services and companies facilitating those services was offering enough security, as time went by from the booming of 2008 within the email services, hackers became better at what they do and personal data became more and more valuable.

This is the reason why I, as well as many other previous users of Yahoo, have changed over to something else like Google. It was 2011 when my primary and personal email was hacked to the point where I have gotten all my data (personal information) stolen and then deleted from the email itself.

At that point, I said to myself that it is time for a change because as a user (indirect customer) of Yahoo, I want security. Before you think this was just me do some research, please. in 2018 it has been publicly shown that over 80 million Yahoo email accounts have been hacked in the last 4 years (2014–2018).

Can you imagine how much data that is and most importantly how valuable it is to the right person?

Image by Werner Moser from Pixabay

Security has become the main selling point within the emailing business and this is because data is simply becoming more and more valuable. I see security as a principle, just as I am writing these lines my Facebook account has been hacked into 4 days ago and I assure you that every online service (either being social media or email service) I go through all the security options and priorities such as setting double authentification.

Hacking is simply becoming more predominant which in a way offers the opportunity for companies such as Google or Yahoo to show their true potential and market their services based on their security.

Oh, wait Google already does that…

Yahoo has simply failed to anticipate what the competitors are going to bring to the market and from the example above we can see that Google has used the industries, the main enemy, as a competitive advantage. This simply shows that Yahoo is falling behind and the more they let Google evolve they will eventually die out. On the other hand, there isn’t much that Yahoo can actually do.

Yahoo Messanger


Do you remember this?

This used to be the best platform to communicate online (before the appearance of social media). The Yahoo messenger service has died in 2018 because social media has made this absolutely obsolete. However, back in the early 2000s, this was the way to go. Anyone who had access to the internet had a yahoo messenger account to chat with friends and even call people over the internet (an early alternative to Skype).

Yahoo messenger is what has really set yahoo on a global scale. This service began in 1998 but even at this time, many households did not actually have access to the internet as it was still a new concept in some parts of the world.

This is a services which really takes part to the saying “nothing lasts forever”, however, I see neglect from Yahoo as this service could have evolved to a social media platform, it had the user base, it had the right branding, it had everything it required from a marketing perspective at the time. And even so, Yahoo was simply sloppy and did not act at the right time.

In today’s markets, it is all about momentum, you either create momentum by introducing a new implementation within the product under the form of a new service or product. Otherwise, you try to retain the momentum and utilize it as a competitive advantage.

As you can see Yahoo has failed at both. Do not get me wrong, Google is the toughest competition in the world not just in this industry however, I think that with enough creativity you can always find a way to overtake your competitors.

Yahoo Search Engine


The main luck that yahoo actually has is its search engine which is the second most used search engine right before Google. This is because Yahoo has been in the scene for quite a while and the responses that the search engine offers are not to bad in terms of the time it takes to search for something and the accuracy of the results offered by the search engine.

As good as it may be, there is nothing that beats Google and if the best on the market is a free service then you would be stupid not to use Google (no offense to anyone who still uses Yahoo).

For me personally, Yahoo has let me down too many times and I am sorry, even if it were to improve, I rarely give second chances.

How long does Yahoo have to live?


As social media, as well as Google, keep evolving, Yahoo will eventually die out if they don’t start to do something new, something innovative to bring them back.

It is true that it may be a marketing issue but, if there is nothing to market (as in new services or innovations from the company) then it can’t be a marketing problem. You need to have something to market in order to achieve successful marketing.

Simply creating a marketing campaign just to promote the brand itself is quite inefficient in 2020. You need to market or promote something by offering a unique aspect to the market in order to achieve a really efficient marketing campaign.

Only time can tell, but as we have seen, if you let time devour your business, it will be a slow and painful end.

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