Why Begging Me to Buy Your Book Won’t Cut It

Customers/Readers should make their purchasing decision from their own initiative

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“Hey, can you please buy my book?”

I am starting to hear this phrase more and more often and I am starting to think that new and upcoming authors just do not get the principles of marketing. Something that I have picked up is that most authors make for bad salesperson, especially the ones that are begging you to purchase their book. You should not beg me to buy your book, you need to persuade me in various ways as different customers are attracted by different things.

You will never writer or even a business person who begs end up being successful, the success is supposed to come from good results, high-quality content that is accomplished with hard work and dedication.

Personal branding

I am starting to extenuate the importance of personal branding, especially for a writer or an author in this case. You need to see yourself as the producer of a product (in this case the author of the book) the Producer is the creator of a brand through which he develops relations with consumers (in this case readers).

Any action made by the producer will be taken note of by the consumer base. It is the same thing with the author. If you come to me and beg me to buy your product I will not have a great impression of you and till will lower my expectations about the product as well (in this case the book).

It is not only the separation that is being portrayed but also the lack of confidence you have in your book (product). If you think that the book won’t make it big that means you have no faith in your product, which translates to a poor book (product). If you truly believe that you have written a life-changing book that is what I like to call a hidden gem, don’t panic, it’s time will come.

Now let’s look at things from a different perspective. Don’t just come at me and start begging me to purchase the book. What you can do is entice me to purchase the book, use selling skills that will make me want to purchase the book or at least regret not purchasing it. Start the conversation by telling me what the book is about and why it would be beneficial for me to read it.

Your book is focused on certain consumers/readers

What many of these desperate authors do not understand is that we all work within different industries or niches, therefore we like certain things. If you have written a book about “How doing Yoga can change your life” won’t attract me because I don’t practice yoga nor do I see myself ever practicing it because I have my own ways of relaxing and meditating.

Don’t get me wrong, the book may be very helpful, but it is not something that I am attracted by.

This example goes very well with the last part that I have mentioned, your book has to be beneficial to the consumer/reader.

Try to do some customer analyses or some analyses on the market to see the niches that are most popular among book readers, as well as some product analyses (book analyses) to see what the successful books contain which attract the readers:

  • A very flashy book cover
  • A catchy title
  • An image that causes an emotional impact
  • A context/summary page that makes you want to at least purchase it

The books that I usually love are the ones that are quite simplistic and honestly non-attractive from a marketing perspective, however, these types of books also tend to be the hidden gems that go straight to the point or keep a very meaningful context to the title of the book.

And, do you also remember how I said that the product represents the producer?

It applies very much as a factor that will attract customers/readers into purchasing the book.

  • So if I know that you are a good writer and author I am more likely to buy your book
  • If I do not know you as a writer but the book sounds interesting there is still a good chance that I will purchase it as long as it is something that I am interested in.
  • If you come and beg me to purchase your book be sure that I won’t even take the interest to hear about what the book it is about.

As a customer, you have the right to make your purchasing decision on your own without being forced onto purchasing something that you do now want, that you dislike or something that you don’t see the use of.

Avid Writer with invaluable knowledge in Business Studies, History and Psychology. “You make your own life” atapalaga97@gmail.com

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