What Will Influencers in the Niches Affected by the Pandemic Do to Survive?

A world with little to no concern

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

I was wondering, with the many changes taking place and many changes that are still to come due to this pandemic, how will or do influencers, bloggers or vloggers survive. I know that a good portion of them can do most of what they were doing indoors. However, a good portion is stuck inside the house, with no possibility to create influential content.

  • What do travel vloggers do as most traveling around the world is limited and will probably stay like this for the rest of the year?
  • What will those that promote beauty or other types of products do if there are no new products coming out this year?
  • Especially, what will food reviewers do whilst most restaurants are closed down?

I think that those influencers who have jobs, skills that can be monetized in a concrete way, people who can pivot using the experience gained online will do best. Yes, it’s cool to earn hundreds or thousands of dollars from branded campaigns, when the economy is booming, but nowadays it helps to have some real skills such as:

  • Good writing skills: There is still a huge need for content to be created of various blogs or websites as well as social media platforms. With the economy lowering itself day by day, the money won’t be as good as you are used too as a popular influencer, but it is a means to survive in these dire times.
  • Good editing skills: The ability or skill to take good photos, low-budget professional videos, video, and photo editing, as brands still need a photo and video content, and may turn directly to influencers for visual content, taking the agency and videographer out of the equation, or the photographer, when they no longer have a budget.
  • Online Marketing skills: The knowledge of how online marketing works and different factors of online marketing that are integrated into social media platforms such as, the Facebook pixel, UTM parameters, retargeting, creating personalized audiences, that you still find customers who will not only reach. Online stores are on the wave now, and they want sales, not notoriety.

And the list goes on, these are basic options, skills that many influencers have or should have.

The idea is simple, there were a lot of online celebrities who made good money because the economy was booming and there was strong financial power in the market, and the brands were ok with the viewership reach and likes, but now those who have practical skills will resist, not only accounts with hundreds of thousands of fans. Those accounts with hundreds of thousands of fans are good, but only if the community is interested in the influencer’s recommendations or in his or her opinion.

At least this year I think the emphasis will be on practical skills, on basic needs, only next year will the marketing campaigns resume on anything we don’t need but hey, “look how cool this expensive brand looks on me”.

Avid Writer with invaluable knowledge in Business Studies, History and Psychology. “You make your own life” atapalaga97@gmail.com

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