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What has opened my eyes towards climate change

I am a person that loves the truth therefore I must come clean by saying that as most people I did not care much about the global warming, but throughout time small factors had made me change the way that I live my life in such a way that it has less impact towards the health of our Eco system. However today, I have taken a major turn that has made me realize some things that are vital to me.

I have woken up with the wish to be positive, despite all the stress and mind full of problems. Therefore I have said to myself that it is a nice and warm spring day where the flowers have blossomed and await the heat of summer to flourish. I have remembered the trips that I used to go onto with my friends last summer going into the rural zones of the country for many ongoing kilometers and enjoying the “outside” as our ancestors have done and meant for us to do as this is one of the reason that they have fought for this land. The nostalgia was high, so I set to myself to explore the forest behind my house that had me always curious of what I may find.

Upon entering the forest I was immediately mesmerized by the smell of nature and the different pigments of green that had me wonder if this wasn’t a fantasy land. I love nature very much however, my schedule does not allow me very much to go exploring the wilderness. Quite a bit into the forest I can see wild life running around. A most magnificent young deer drinking from a pound that is lightened from heaven and above. Further ahead something was running around the bushes and upon revealing the center of the bush a group of baby foxes run in every direct. A sublime red fur that only brings so much colour to the forest in a late spring day.

For a moment I have lost myself in the forest and in my mind. It is as if I have somehow interconnected with nature on a psychological level, becoming one with the thought. Listening to all the sounds and feeling the breeze taking my mind away from all the problems and stress. It is seriously a refreshing experience as you do feel you have just clicked refresh on your mind. I never leave the house without my headphones so I had to put them on just to walk in the beauty with Chopin’s Spring Walts in my ears, To describe to you the feeling that I have received is quite a challenge but it is like putting chocolate syrup on a vanilla ice cream in a warm summer’s day. I am not sure what has inspired classical musicians but I know that nature has always been with them therefore I do think it has played an important role.

After leaving the forest it has made me think that my children may not have the opportunity to experience nature for what it truly is as it may be gone by that time. Our ancestors have done most in their powers to maintain this land beautiful and free. I think that it is selfish that we do not care about our Eco system, selfish towards the next generation. Yes, it is true that as they are grown up with technology them may not care as much but this is because they are not shown the beauty of nature as intended. It is not fair to offer them what our ancestors have offered to us, it is unfair not to teach them the beauty of this world, that there is so much more to life then they know. The beauty of life is its simplicity.

Just as I have learned in this life that there is no point in telling someone what will happen in their life as they will not believe you and it will not change them as a better person until it happens to them. We need to find new ways for people to acknowledge the consequences of global warming. Nature does not necessarily need empathy but a stop to its harm. Every day we are damaging it in different ways maybe without even knowing, it is a pinnacle that holds us from human evolution. True evolution would be finding ways to create tools without the need of natural resources, utilization of more Eco-energy and especially for humans to get a better understanding as to the vital importance that nature should play in our lives.

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