The Successful Merge of a Publication Out of Medium (How To Guide and More)

Reasons why I took my Publication off Medium, the success story which may inspire more publishers on Medium to do the same, and some explanations to followers

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I have contemplated a lot before writing this article, but I think it is time to set some things straight. Many were surprised when they heard I was taking History of Yesterday out of Medium. I must say that I have been contacted by so many people who were followers, writers, or simply Medium users who were gobsmacked by the event.

One of the first and best pieces, in my opinion, that has captured some of the stories behind what had occurred, was this article written by Linda Caroll.

Reading the comment section and seeing so many of my writers describe their sad feeling about this made my heart shatter.

Before going into more detail, I want to take things to step by step in this article to describe why I decided to take this turn and hopefully answer some questions that people will have in the future as Medium is going through some changes.

Why I took History of Yesterday out of Medium?

Many articles have been written on Medium, speculating the reasons behind it. I am here to set the record straight. Medium used to be a great place, but with time and quite frequent changes in CEOs, it has taken a decline.

When I say a decline, most of you will probably think of views, but that is not necessarily the case. I describe this decline with many changes that were made, which were never asked by writers to be made. The implementation of useless features and the removal of features that were appreciated.

Another point in this decline is the numerous changes made to the algorithm. Not only the way that stories were distributed but also the lack of curation.



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