The New Medium Partner Program is Better

Image by analogicus from Pixabay

Hard work finally pays off

I have seen so many writers that were upcoming and actually put a lot of time in their writing even if they did not have much time but, sadly they have quite because the saw that their work is not valued (at least not on this platform). By offering an intrinsic reward you feel as you work is worth a lot more and with this change of the system, you can finally feel the value of people reading your work and offer more importance towards the read ratio.

Keep the audience interested

Now I know that a lot of you will start writing longer pieces as they are expected to do better but for those that are not used to writing very long or extensive pieces do take care of the way you write. You want to keep it entertaining, exciting for the reader. Give the reader a reason to want to engage with you to a level where he is so fond of the topic discussed that he wants to know even more.

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