How to Use Marketing to Get out of Depression

Looking at different life scenarios from the perspective of a marketer with great solving skills

I believe that 2019 was the greatest year neither in humanity nor for most people on this planet. At least here in the United Kingdom because of many different political issues, there is this sort of hateful vibe in the air which comes from the uncertainty of this nation.

Nevertheless, another year draws to a close, I tend to fell melancholic — which is most presumably caused by stress. This melancholy has made me think that a lot of people around me might also be depressed. And truth is, they are.

When walking towards the bus station, I saw so many different people with their heads down and in a pensive state about something on their mind.

Seeing this type of behaviour over and over again made me think of ways that I could improve the quality of others’ lives from an emotional point of view with the knowledge that I have. With my studies of psychology and marketing experience, I knew that there must have been something.

I know I’m not able to come up with a solution for depression by making others happier, however, my analytical skills just came into play at that exact moment. All of the analyses that I have done on consumer behavior gathered with different psychoanalysis on depression and its main causes made me devise a plan to help people get out of depression or at least improve their emotional state.

Find the Cause of Your Depressive State

Just in the case of a product that is not selling, there must be a reason for this which comes in the form of certain factors. So does your depressive state. From my analysis done on depression, this state of mind occurs when something is missing from one’s life such as:

  • lover(need of a relationship).
  • friends (loneliness, the main cause of depression around the world).
  • resources(low financial gain) and other emotional attachments.

Let’s take for example loneliness as it is the factor that makes most people on this planet depressed. As we have identified what the issues are or what you are missing from life which makes you be depressed now we need to work on gaining friends.

Find a solution to the cause

I am aware that it sounds very easy however, it can be quite difficult especially if you are more of an introverted person however, hear me out.

You are right now just like an unwanted product as there must be a reason for being lonely. Just like every product on the shelf, you as well as most human beings want attention. This is where marketing will play a big role in this plan in showing you how you can use your personality and character to make friends.

In marketing, we have a term called personal branding for products where we take the personality which is most present within a customer segment and try to create the package of the product around that sort of personality. In my opinion, every product is of use, however, only to the right person, therefore, it is important to try and aim at a potential friend whom you can share certain characteristics in order to indulge in more social life.

By stating all this I do not refer to sell yourself as if you were nothing, but promote yourself to people as if you yourself were a product which they can benefit from with a good friendship and vice versa.

Determination to exit depression

Depression is one of the hardest things to get out of however, I believe that a strong understanding of why and how can help you to make an easier escape.

Besides all that has been discussed, you should not doubt your social abilities. It is not the fact that people do not like you, therefore, you are lonely but your own fault of not wanting to surround yourself around others for different reasons such as not linking those around your social group or simply not feeling integrated.

In this case, we come back to marketing once again. You see, a product may be suitable to one market, however, trying to sell the same product to a foreign market without adapting the packaging or the marketing campaign to the culture of this market may bring a failure to the business.

The same thing applies in life, when encountering a new social group you have to accept a few things that are new to you and at first, they may not seem so easy to adapt, however, once you experiment with the new social group and you start to adapt you automatically develope a character that is pleasing for the new social group and which you are happy with too.

Do not see depression as the end but, as the opportunity for a new beginning. Life will throw such challenges at you so you need to take a step back in order to analyze the situation and find ways to improve your state of mind from different perspectives such as marketing.

Try to use the knowledge that you have already acquired in life to solve this such problem as problems of this manner do not have only one solution. It is imperative for the readers that have not faced depression to understand that it is also the job of external factors such as potential friends in this case to make a social push towards those that may seem depressed or in need of some attention.

This is what I like to do as I have been down that certain path therefore, I know how difficult it can be. The impact of socialization can be huge on other people's lives as it not only creates opportunities but produces the essence of life.

Avid Writer with invaluable knowledge in Business Studies, History and Psychology. “You make your own life”

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