The truth can be cruel (not fiction)

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I have been doing some research for an article that I am working on and when searching for the number of babies that are born every day I have stumbled upon this… This number has left me speechless and it was as if I just wanted to turn everything off, every device and human being and turn their attention to this. I know that it is the way of life but, just thinking the way that we waste a minute and what can happen in that specific minute.

This takes me back to the lesson of how precious time is. As time is truly something that we are not able to purchase or to gain back. Old philosophers are trying to portray the idea of death in various ways so that it does not seem so morbid. Many say that that we all have a destiny and part of this destiny is a set date for the end of our life.

Others try to avoid the tragedy by looking at this event as normality of life which is true but, at times as a human you end up freezing and stopping time in your head to think beyond your imagination of how dying is or better yet why do we have to die?

Every night when I look at the news I see a different story about some poor souls that have ended up in a car accident and have died, the news channel try to make it as tragic as possible but even the reporters themselves have reported so many deaths they have been infected by this bad illness of normality towards death. It is as if you are being informed by a robot and not another soul with the fear of death.

How do you reach to death?

Let’s take things further, what if someone you love died? Time freezes and the pain in your heart almost chokes your breath away. All of a sudden the normality of life factor goes away because the truth comes to light which is sadly the fact that we only show real sympathy towards our loved ones and the ones that we care.

I wish it wasn’t like this, I wish that we could live in a world that would care more about their surroundings but, at the end of the day we are not able to blame the people as it is not their fault for following the system of this awful society in which we live in today.

This is something that made me think for quite a while and It might make you to. Something to remind us of what world we live in even if we are trying to hide the bad anomalies with positive actions and happy thoughts. However, most importantly this should make you realize how precious time is as well as our lives.

Therefore you should not waste your life, try to make something of it by creating things by which people can remember you and by making other people’s lives better.

Avid Writer with invaluable knowledge in Business Studies, History and Psychology. “You make your own life”

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