Endorphins: The Only Chemical That You Need in Your Life

It comes in both cheap and expensive variants

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The things in life which make you happy no matter if for a short or long time are irresistible. They can come in many forms such as simple plastic toys, an enjoyable drink, or drugs that induce happiness.

We are all in a continuous search in life for true happiness that is long-lasting. This usually comes in the form of something that releases stress and the pressures brought by this modern life.

Although many of us turn to harmful chemicals in order to find happiness, research has shown that the body is able to produce a harmless chemical by the name of endorphins which once released in the body bring only joy at no expense.

Are Our Bodies Capable of Producing This Chemical?

Our bodies are more than capable to produce this chemical that releases hormones of happiness within our bodies at no expense, meaning no harm is done to your health in the process and you don’t need to consume anything specific for your body to produce this chemical.

Our bodies produce thousands of chemicals that help maintain all the organs in good shape and the whole body functioning. As important as all others that help you digest, decompose and absorb bad toxins, the most vital is endorphins because without happiness you fall into clinical depression which can lead to sickness.

When Are Endorphins Released in Our Body?

There are many daily events in which endorphins can be produced and released in our body to give us a euphoric state of happiness. This chemical also usually comes when the body is under a lot of pain. That is why a lot of powerful painkillers make you feel euphoric such as laughing gas that gives you a huge boost of synthetic endorphins.

For example, have you ever hit your foot onto the corner of a piece of furniture? Of course, you have everyone had at least once in their lifetime.

Have you noticed how quickly the pain disperses and how pain is being replaced by a sensation of numbness around the hit area? That is your body releasing endorphins around the wounded era to ease the pain.

When someone is badly injured in a serious accident they don’t feel much pain and many people think this is due to the high adrenaline rush, but it is actually endorphins being released to ease the pain. Of course just like everything nice in life the endorphins only lasts for a short period of time until you are “back to reality”.

Positive Thinking Can Bring Out More Endorphins

There is an interesting case that shows that positive thinking can not only produce more endorphins but can actually produce enough to heal people from diseases.

Norman Cousins was suffering from what the medics described as an “incurable disease” however he decided to do something else. He decided to fight his sickness with only positive thoughts in the hope that this would realize more endorphins.

Positive thinking made him laugh more, be happier, love more, and find peace with everything around him. That is how he managed to get cured of his “incurable disease” by not using any sort of medication.

Since then researchers in the field of psychoneuroimmunology tried to analyze the sort of chemicals that Norman’s brain was producing and to their surprise, this was an abnormal dose of endomorphin produced by positive thinking. Norman Cousins even wrote many books based on the lifestyle he had chosen to live with positive thinking.

“Hearty laughter is a good way to jog internally without having to go outdoors.” (Quote by Norman Cousins)

Are There Other Ways to Produce Endorphins?

Ample research has been done in this field to showcase the pristine presence of endorphins. It has been known for a long period of time that living a healthy lifestyle by exercising every day can also help you live a happy lifestyle.

For years scientists believed that this was caused by the growth of the psychical form of a person which was bringing joy. However, it has been discovered that after exercising, a large dose of endorphins are released within the body and honestly it all makes sense as I always leave the gym in cloud nine.


The only secret to producing more endorphins is positive thinking, always having happy thoughts, and avoiding any negative thoughts or conflicts with ignorance.

In Norman Cousin’s book entitled “Anatomy of an Illness,” there are many outlines where he mentions that positive thinking is the only secret to living a good life filled with happiness and good feeling without the need for any other type of drugs or material things for that matter.

The moral of this whole story is that happiness is in you, in all of us and we are all able to produce happiness, but in order to start this process we must give happiness in the form of positive thoughts.

Just imagine having two people that are in love, fueling one another with endorphins, and living happily ever after.

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