Do We Inherit Intelligence From Our Parents?

A question asked for a very long time

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From what I have recently noticed this is a question that is being asked more frequently as of this year. Since 2017 many studies have gone into this question to find out if the two people that are having the child will affect the child’s intelligence based on their level of intelligence that may have or not been inherited from their parents onwards. Since my last article about the difference between smart and intelligent:

I had the need to go into a deeper search of this certain topic of intelligence to see it’s nature as well as to prove that there is a different as it is something that we gain from the entities that make us which we define as parents. In my previous article, I make some fair points to this problem and I do understand that this is quite a different margin to the topic itself however it is also a continuation from where we have left off.

The similarities to parents

A major point that has been brought up in this argument is that we can also answer this question by looking at how we compare the child (not only with the physical appearance) but also personality-wise to the parents. Even as a child, the first person or people we aspire to be as is our parents, it does not matter how good or bad of a person they may be, in the eyes of a child they are the greatest people at least until the age of 5 where they can start realizing for themselves the things around them.

Therefore we want to be just like them in most manners even if we may not understand that some of the things that they do are not great.

Following this line of thought, as we learn from their behavior we start to make a sort of acknowledgment of different types of behavior that are set as our inner set of actions we recall. Based on the positive or negative consequences those actions may have we can decide not the intelligence but, the smartness of the child because being smart is gained through experience and acknowledgment whereas we inherit intelligence.

The intelligence factor comes in the second phase where the child can differentiate the actions that have good consequences from the ones that have bad consequences by utilizing their intelligence. From this, we can also acknowledge another point that proves that intelligence is different from smartness because with the intelligence we still do not have the experience or the information required to make smart decisions.

Now, these decisions may not have a good outcome as we are not utilizing intelligence however this is very much based on the type of experience that has been received, positive or negative as well as the perspective this has been seen from.

What does science tell us?

As mentioned before this question has been investigated for a long time now and science has come down to the results that the genetic differences are the major factor in the difference of intelligence between two people.

However, many scientists, as well as academics do argue that the percentage of intelligence that is being inherited from the parents and the fact that everyone inherits a different percentage of intelligence. It all comes down to the breakdown of DNA, on average most children inherit around 40% of their intelligence from their parents and the rest of 60% is formed in adulthood.

Another DNA test that can prove very well the answer to our question is that from the DNA cells we can see that 99.5% of around 3 billion cells are inherited from our parents and the rest are the ones that separate us genetically as an individual person.

We can see that science has done a well good job of proving the points that have been raised with certified facts. Of course, there are many more different types of tests that prove the same exact thing but, I have decided to show those two as they have seemed more concrete from my point of view.

How much does this matter?

Another very good question, this can make a very big change in the future as well as in the process of procreation itself. Maybe in the future, we will not choose our partners based on their physical appearance, personality or feeling that we have for them but based on their intellectual level as we need intelligence in order to continue our technological evolution.

At the end of the day, I know that there are and will always be people against this answer, however, I would say to entrust in those people that have spent years of their lives trying to answer our question at hand.

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