Do Cancer Patients Not Matter Anymore?

COVID-19 is not the end of the world

Source: IHME Global Burden of Diseases

With all of the social panicking caused by all the media outlets that are out there making stories about the coronavirus and its effects in order to generate more financial gain most of the population of this world has drawn its maximum attention to it and have forgotten about all the other patience (not just cancer) that suffer and die every day.

There must be an end to all of this negative market and I call it negative due to the causes and panic it has provoked and it's still provoking around the world.

Besides having all of these other patients suffering from various diseases most people do not realize that they are put at a higher risk than most of us as their immune system is to the ground (very weak).

Just take a good look at the numbers above on the first image that is presented beneath the title, that is the number of people which died in the previous year from various diseases and to this date within 2020 we have over 2 million people who have died from cancer alone, but I don’t see no one talking about that as media and marketing has made most of us not care.

To this date when I am writing this article (2nd of April 2020) we are looking at 48,000 deaths caused by COVID-19. Please do not get me wrong as I am not saying that these numbers do not matter, every death caused by anything in this world is a worry for me as a human being.

However, this is where Media and Marketing come in making us focus only on the 48,000 death caused by COVID-19 to this date and not the other 3 million people which have died from various diseases and most of that number (2 million to be more specific from cancer).

Panic provoked by misinformation

When the Pandemic was officially announced all of the media outlets as well as most companies have changed their marketing, posting and advertising strategy in order to provoke panic. As a marketer, you know the exact results (behavior) that the consumer will manifest when presented with a new marketing scheme/advertisement, therefore they can’t say that they did not know what they were doing nor that their doing won’t provoke panic.

These companies, the media, and all the industries wanted you to panic as a consumer in order to get as much revenue as possible before the economic fall will begin. They also knew that through numerical advertising this panic will escalate by itself with a butterfly effect that even to this day has not reached its full potential.

Furthermore, as much as we need to pause our lives we also need to retain our mindfulness of other challenging events that are still ongoing in our lives such as other various diseases and devastating events that are causing major deaths around the world. This is why I would like to strongly emphasize that your panic buying habit does not help as it only helps the media industry succeed in their plan.

So do other patients still matter?

Going back to the cancer patients as well as all the patients that are suffering, they have an extra pain factor due to this panic which is caused by panic buyers as (guess what) people are stocking up on necessary medicine required to keep cancer patience alive as well as patients suffering from other diseases.

Has this society become so closed-minded to the point where we should only care about something that is trending?

Sadly, the answer is yes.

Once again we have to blame the uncontrollable media industry as well as the way some companies are marketing their products/services unethically which is causing the world to not care about other things than what they see on their smartphone or television screens.

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