Can Music Influence your Writing?

Andrei Tapalaga ✒️
4 min readJun 12, 2019
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I suppose that this may be a bit more unique as not many people listen to music whilst they write (as far as I am aware) but I was thinking at the performance I showcase as I find myself most of the times listening to music whilst writing or revising. The reason as to why this factor can influence our writing is because music can affect present emotions or awaken past emotions that can affect the style of writing as well as the outcome of the content. It is also worth mentioning that for some people it can be a good tool to concentrate whilst writing.

How this affects me

For me music is a big part of my life as well as my everyday life, I cannot remember the last time I have gone through a day without listening to at least one song or even a jingle. I listen to many different types of music from heavy metal to classical music and every genre can evoke different emotions that can have a major impact if you are doing a piece that requires creative writing. For most people, it may be a distraction but for me, in some way, the high volume of different sounds helps me concentrate even more, no matter what genre of music I am listening too. If let’s say I am going through a more of a rough day and I find it difficult to concentrate or to find my desired words to “put on paper” I always count on classical music especially Chopin and Beethoven.

With such sound, my mind gets in a state of high-performance where all the taught are aligned and I do not manage to stop writing. Sometimes I do not even realize how long my paragraphs have become until I go back to read what I have written.

Emotional turnover

As most writers, we all have our unique style of writing based on the vocabulary that we use as well as emotions we portrait through the narrow rows of our words. Emotions can have a high impact on our work and it is true that many things throughout the day can influence your emotions from positive to negative or vice versa. But, as many of us come back to the keyboard to write with passion in order to relax after a long day, so as many come back to music and some just as me, may combine them both to create something in which they find brilliance.

A good example of the highly influential type of music would be inspirational…



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