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Andrei Tapalaga ✒️
Avid Writer with invaluable knowledge in Business Studies, History and Psychology. “You make your own life”

The software used is called “World 3 system” and it predicted that the world will come to an end provoked by humanity in 2040

The reflection of Donella Hagaer Maedow’s face upon the screen where the programing is running in 1973 (Source: ABC News)

Two species that evolved from the same ancestor fighting over the ownership of Earth

Skull of Homo Sapiens (left) Skull of Neanderthals (right) (Source: Public Domain)

Medical students across the world are still being taught this myth besides other racial lies

Gordon, also known as “Whipped Peter”, a former enslaved African American man, shows his scarred back at a medical examination, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on 2nd April 1863. The scars were the result of whipping during his time as an enslaved person at a Louisiana plantation. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Lina Medina

Lina Medina after giving birth in 1939 (Source: Rare Historical Photos)

No sunlight nor social interaction for 25 long years

Blanche Monnier before being locked and the detectives in the room she was locked in for 25 years

Everything in this world is interconnected

Vitruvian Man (Source: Mymodernmet)

The evolution of humanity

Fictive Adam and Even (Source: Earth Invasion Author: Paulo Dias)

Charlie Chaplin’s finest work

Charles Chaplin & Jack Oakie playing as Hitler as the characters pretending to be Adolf Hitler and Benito Mousallinin 1940 (Source: The Great Dictator)

Small but with a very interesting history behind it

Sealand (Source: BBC)

Why didn’t America revolt over the murder of Vincent Chin?

A 1983 protest march in Detroit after Vincent Chin’s killers, Ronald Ebens and Michael Nitz, pleaded guilty to charges of manslaughter and were given three months probation and fined $3,000 (Source: Corky Lee)

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Andrei Tapalaga ✒️

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