3 Ways of Making Money Online Without Spending a Dime

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I am registered on some Facebook groups related to affiliate marketing, online promotion, freelancing, and similar fields, and from time to time questions like this appear, “I want to make money online but I would not want to invest anything”, or How to make money on the internet free if possible”. Usually, questions like this are taken for granted on the internet, and rightly so, because any businessman, big or small, will tell you a simple truth: Regardless of the field you work within, in order to make money, you have to invest money.

Ignore online MLM, which tells you that you need to spam your friends with affiliate links through various programs that don’t offer anything concrete. Ignore the sites that tell you that you can make money by completing online surveys, in the best case you can earn 5–10 euros per month, less than the current consumed to use the computer. In reality, you will still have to invest a little capital to start earning, or you will work for much less money.

The current situation looks like this, there are three legal methods by which you can earn money on the internet, without investing much at the beginning:

1. Affiliate Marketing

This is the most simple method (in my opinion) of starting to make money online (legally) which inquires small costs. You do not need a blog, website or a social media page however, those would come in handy and they would make your job much easier.

Affiliate marketing is recommending various products/services from online shops that will offer you a commission for each sell they make from your recommendation. The way in which the online shop checks if the sale has been done through your recommendation, is through a special (personalized) link which is usually available 2 or 3 days, however, I have seen shops that will offer links which last up to a whole month, so it depends from shop to shop.

Dr.Cash is one of the best and biggest affiliate CPA at an international level within the health and beauty industry which is quite popular with affiliate marketing. With over 2400 offers for users such as you to promote various products and quite good commission rates, it is the perfect place to start making money from affiliate marketing. The commissions are paid 3 times a week either through PayPal or payments from $50 to $500.

2. Monetized content

This includes having a blog or a YouTube channel to having a social media page that has a high follower base. In 2020 making money from this can be quite difficult as the number of people making content online keeps hitting its peak year by year. In order to gain a lot of attention you need to come up with not only current content that is also unique, but content that is of a higher quality.

The good thing about this method is that you will need to make little to no investment, depending on what you chose to do and the type of content you chose to post. However, in order to offer good quality content, you will need to invest in either software or hardware.

Now, do not expect to see any sort of revenue or at least significant revenue in the first few months as it will not happen, it usually takes around 1 to 2 years to make a good follower base that will consistently check out your content and which will start growing at a consistent rate.

More recently, influencers and micro-influencers are in vogue, although the painted image of them is not always positive. In short, there are people who have become famous on Youtube, Facebook, or Instagram for various reasons.

Some because they create useful, funny content, which practically entertains and others because they educate the public in various fields, others, especially in the case of girls because they look good and bring this forward. The idea is that these influencers have gathered large communities of fans around them, and many brands want to work with them to include products or services in the content created. How effective such associations are depending a lot on the chosen influencer.

3. Freelancing

Last but not least, freelancing I think still remains the king of revenue generated online with little to no investment.

There are many sites like Fiverr, but here you can usually make a little money, it’s full of people selling various services, at very low prices, and usually, here they sell mostly likes and followers. If you want to do freelancing seriously and you have knowledge of IT, social media, communication, almost everything that can be done remotely, then you sign up on Upwork.com or Freelancer.com.

There are many other platforms for freelancers, what is important to remember is that at the beginning you will work for less money, until you gather recommendations, satisfied customers and, implicitly, more people willing to work with you.

Otherwise, many mirages about fast enrichment on the internet are sold, but they are just spikes. Real money on the internet is made just like offline, with a lot of work and investing a lot of time. So please, do not expect that you will get rich in the next year or so of freelancing. Success requires consistency and consistency requires time.

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